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Xavier Reed is one sexy rookie with a very nice rock hard cock. He was so excited for his debut shoot that he ended up busting his nut almost as soon as we started filming. The nervousness comes right off the screen which makes it so unique and genuine that even though he busted his nut so quick he does give us another one. It’s not every day that we get two nuts from the same guy in one day. Once he unleashes his fist nut he slowly becomes more comfortable as he gets that cock hard again for us. His dick pulsates as it continues to grow for another blast of cum. His quietness is sexy as his nervousness makes him shoot his second load which slowly begins to erupt out the tip of his hard dick. The warm thick cum drops to the floor as he finishes with a few more strokes.

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Jesse lies on the bed coaxing his cock out of his pants. The cool sheets feel great and strokes his meaty monster til it explodes all over himself and those clean white sheets.

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A game of bullshit gets boring so the Aussie boys decide to have a game of strip spin the bottle. Stripped down to their undies Jesse and Steve head off to the bedroom together – they start playing with each other’s cocks – stroking them as they get harder – kissing.

The foreplay gets them in the mood for fourplay so they head back to the lounge to suck on Kade and Callum’s cocks. It’s a bevvy of beaut Aussie boy flesh! And then the fucking begins!

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Aussie Boy John enjoys spending time in the spa after an all night gaming session. His tired muscles relax in the warm water and his cock begins to grow.

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James was an instant hit with you all so we got him to bring his buddy Don along so we could watch these two Amateur Aussie Boys get naked and fuck. It was such an epic shoot that we got one part this week and so much more cumming!

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Jay is relaxing on a warm summer day, catching some sun by his private pool. As his skin comes alive under the noon sky, he feels a sudden burst of sexual energy, prompting him to pull his cock out of his trunks and rope off a hot load. He strokes his uncut cock, feeling sweat roll down his brow as he heats up. He takes off his swimsuit and stands under his outdoor shower, using the warm water and some handy soap to lather up some added, pleasurable sensation to his sensitive dick. He continues to edge himself poolside, building up a thick, powerful load in his heavy nuts.

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A quiet spot in the Aussie outdoors find two twinky Aussie boys ready to play.

Troy and Jesse were out for a bush walk and got sidetracked by each others cocks. As they suck and kiss and fuck in the warm sun we get to relish their sexy Aussie boy physiques.

The two watch each other wank off as they each blow their loads.

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Davo has had a tough week and needs to relax. He strips off while watching himself in the mirror and then climbs into the spa. He starts jerking his cock as the warm water relaxes his tired muscles. He then jumps into the sauna to finish his relaxation with a big load.

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Steve is on the floor with Brayden positioned on top of him giving him mouth to mouth. Well that’s what it looks like but he’s really trying hard to get into Steve’s pants.

Long haired twink Steve doesn’t need a hell of a lot of convincing and rips off Brayden’s shorts and starts sucking his cock. He then takes his own off and shoves his cock down Brayden’s throat.

Soon Brayden is on all fours with Steve’s cock in his ass – his joy is insurmountable. As is Steve’s who cums all over his tight ass!

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Real life boyfriends Pearce and Jarrad find it hard to keep their hands off each other. These two sexy Aussie boys make the most of the apartment by utilizing the bed, the shower and the sauna for their epic fuck session.

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Jay has sexy bedroom eyes that lure you in as he strips down on camera. The cute Aussie is a self-described exhibitionist and loves the looks he gets when he entices other guys. As he works his cock, he watches you watching him, turned on knowing that he’s getting off others. He strokes his big cock as his stretches out his long legs on his hotel bed, massaging oil into his smooth skin, getting himself and closer closer to the edge.

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Dirty Aussie boy Davo is back and he just can’t stop playing with his cock. He’s out in the sun by the pool tugging on that schlong like there’s no tomorrow. It’s a hot Aussie day so our horny boy cools off in the shower – still constantly stroking his meat.

He lies back down to finish the job and blows a load all over himself. He’ll probably be back at it in an hour or so … horny little fucker that he is.

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John is tied up and dressed up in leather. Patrick finds this irresistible and kisses him even though he’s blindfolded. They turn the heat up by heading to the sauna where they suck each other’s cocks. The two Aussie boys finish the party in the spa.

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Mats and Brad wanted to get away for the weekend together so they headed to Melbourne for a fuckcation. They check out the balcony and the view but can’t keep their lips off each other. Back inside the room they can’t keep their lips of each other’s cocks.

Brad has an impressive cock and Mats deepthroats the thick cock. Brad then gets on his knees and swallows Mats’ cock to the base while fingering his hairy ass. He then buries his face deep in that ass – lubing Mats’ hole with his spit. The two Aussie boys are having a awesome time so far and this is just the beginning …

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Out in the bush by the old creek we find a couple of Aussie twinks making out. The two strip their slender bodies and reveal big cocks that slide in and out of the mouth to the back of the throat.

Troy fingers Jake’s waiting hole before sliding his big cock deep inside. With the glory of the Australian bush all around the two fuck by the restless waters. Troy sprays a waterfall of cum all over Jake’s cute face.