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When it comes to hot feet, Dev is the man to take care of them. It had been a while since I had featured Dev in a foot worship scene at MyFriendsFeet and Sebastian Hook was the perfect stud for him. He ate the gorgeous hunk’s feet right up!

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Very cute Middle Eastern hunk Azif is back at MyFriendsFeet, as I talked him into being tied up in the tickle chair so we could torment his sexy feet!

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Poor Dev! Gabriel lets him know that his car is getting repossessed. Of course, there is one way he can get it back – foot worship.

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Dev and Tyler just finished a workout and are kicked back on the futon talking about it. Dev's arms are sore, but Tyler has sore feet. Well then. Dev can't resist a statement like that and throwing Tyler for a loop, he takes off his shoes and smells them!

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Ricky has had his eye on Joey, the new gym manager. Joey looks so hot that Ricky knew he had to taste those socks and feet even if it meant kidnapping the massive manager.

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What could be better than tying up a big, muscular wrestler and tickling the hell out of him? Not much, to me! Karl has muscle on his muscle, so we are talking about a super strong guy. He was tied down tight to the tickle table though and driven nuts!

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Colby Keller is certainly one of the finest men we’ve had on MyFriendsFeet and we get to see him again here, tied up and tickle tortured!

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I swear, Latino men are the kinkiest of the bunch. Tino skipped right to the chase in this MyFriendsFeet video, allowing me to tie up and tickle the hell out of his body and size 11 feet!

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I knew it wouldn’t take long to get Casey More into the MFF tickle chair and I was right! Casey puts himself at about 20 on the ticklish scale and he is definitely correct there!

Casey has such a gorgeous body, all muscular and tight – and that awesome body of his sure is ticklish. You can hear Casey telling me how ticklish he is at the beginning of this video. His feet are, of course, even more sensitive than his body and that’s where the 20 factor comes into the picture.

In the middle of the tickle session I stop tickling Casey long enough to stroke his rock hard and make him cum. The bondage and tickle torture ended up turning him on that much!

Bodybuilder Casey More has size 12 feet. He told me he was ticklish before we met but I didn't know he would turn out to be as ticklish as he was! His big feet are gorgeous and masculine. Casey has a very playful manner and he is a lot of fun to be around.

MyFriendsFeet – bound gay feet tickling

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Officer Wilde messed with the wrong hombres soon finding himself tied up and tickle tortured after he gave two guys a speeding ticket. When it comes to a pair of ticklish feet that get Link and I hornier than hell Christian’s are right up at the top of the list. They’re no less than size 14 and very sensitive. Christian can be quite dominant but Link and I soon had the lean, tattooed officer writhing to get free from his bondage as we tormented his armpits, ribs and huge feet.

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Austin, Bryan and Eli just got home from watching a movie, discussing their opinions and whatnot. Somewhere during the conversation Bryan utters the words ‘banana peel’, which sends Austin into a submissive trance. Eli and Bryan have been studying hypnosis and apparently it worked on Austin, as he was down on his knees taking off their shoes immediately. Bryan orders him to massage their feet, but Austin takes things even further by sucking on their socked and bare feet until they’ve both been fully foot worshiped!

Austin Andrews is former army and as a result believes in dominance and submission. He prefers the dominant role and has really taken to having his size 10 feet worshiped. Especially by men larger than him. He thrives on putting them into compromising positions so he can take advantage of them.

Bryan Cole is a handsome, bearded stud who came around to shoot some scenes with us. He's gotten into foot play before, but didn't think of himself as being very ticklish… until we proved him wrong!

Eli Lewis is a sexy Asian boy who came by our studio with his boyfriend, Bryan Cole, to have his feet worshipped. We're hoping we get him back for some tickle action and more foot play!

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Banker Frey doesn’t think that one of his client’s credit is good enough to approve a mortgage the client applied for. Needless to say, the client isn’t happy with that, soon taking matters into his own hands by capturing Frey and tickling him. The tickle chair was the perfect spot for Frey, his feet in stocks and looking both sexy and vulnerable in his fancy suit. Frey doesn’t like his situation and lets it be known quite audibly. His banking client doesn’t care, soon hitting all the ticklish spots on Frey’s body and feet, pulling off his shoes, socks and opening his shirt in the process. Banker Frey turned out to be super ticklish and eventually folded, granting his client the mortgage he set out to get!

Frey is a college student with big, wide size 12 feet. He is an all-around jock as well as an all-around nice guy. He is a friend of Dominic's. It's funny, but Frey came prepared to his first shoot with dirty socks because he heard I like them. What a guy – he aims to please.

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Alessio and Red make a perfect match for a hot foot and sock worship scene. The two burly, furry men really get into each other’s feet in this hot foot-sex session. Alessio starts off the worshiping but Red soon wants a taste of the gorgeous man’s feet too. Red brings Alessio to orgasm at the end of the video by sucking his toes while the hairy man strokes his hard cock!

Alessio is a hot daddy with a hairy chest, a great body and size 11s. His accent drives me crazy – and he is very ticklish – which drives me even crazier!

Red is a furry muscle cub – who turns out to be very ticklish! He has very hot size 9 feet and a hairy chest.

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Ricky Larkin and Seth have both done a lot of gay porn, so they’re familiar with acting out sexual fantasies on video. Ricky worshiped Seth’s feet for us at MyFriendsFeet. Ricky genuinely seems to love Seth’s feet, really getting down on sucking on his tasty peds. Ricky didn’t just worship Seth though in this shoot. Hell no. Some foot tickling put the icing on this kinky cake!