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Joey D loves baking, but this morning he had an accident and got the flour all over himself. As he begins to brush it off, he notices how rock hard his pecs are and begins feeling himself all over. We can see his monster meat growing under his apron and he grabs for it. Flexing and showing off some more, he strokes his enormous, throbbing cock and covers himself in lube until he shoots all over in a white, creamy explosion.

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Johnny V has been working his hardest ever in the gym and wanted to show his progress while he also demonstrates his new electric cock pump. After pumping and flexing his throbbing cock looks like it is going to explode so he pulls it out and finishes it off with an explosive cum shot.

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Ric shot this on vacation and sent it to me. What a surprise! I love this dude and boy is he a great performer! I love his ripped body, his uncut bouncing cock and his skin looks so soft, so perfect. What a beautiful young stud! Enjoy his second amateur video shot exclusively for Maskurbate!

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Mike Johnson doesn’t waste his time and soon enough he is taking his shirt off and dropping his undies on the floor. He has amazing skin and some lovely ink across his well built chest. His cock is rock hard and he his enjoying himself to the fullest extent. Mike makes himself comfortable on the bed with those big thick thighs of his. His legs are spread revealing his sexy full balls and his throbbing hard shaft. He’s built up his load for today and he can’t wait to release it. Mike can feel the tip of his cock twitching and soon enough his hard dick erupts with warm sweet cum all over his smooth well built chest.

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Dirk has Alexander Maximus today who is from Russia. Alexander may not be in the armed forces but his Dad was. Dirk knows that Alexander is in town because he is going to the hospital for an ear check up. Alexander begins to take his clothes off revealing his amazing built body and beautiful uncut cock. His dick starts to grow with every stroke showing us just how thick and hard it is. Dirk tells him to get on the bed where he spreads his legs wide and he starts to put fingers in his tight ass while stroking his big hard dick. You can hear his moans as his balls build up. Dirk tells him it’s time to bend over and show off that ass and tight little hole of his. Alexander spreads his legs and beds over revealing his pink hole while he strokes his dick from behind. His moans are so loud now that we all know he is about to burst. He strokes his throbbing cock a few more times and his nut comes oozing out all over his cock and balls. He loves that he just blasted his nut in front of Dirk and soon after he heads for the shower.

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Steamy behind-the-scene look at Ricky’s classic scene ‘Unwatchful Eyes’. This special editing is filled with never-seen footage and new hot point of views. If you were a fan of Ricky like I was, this scene is a must have in your porn movie collection! Enjoy!

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Zane Clayton is a confident newbie with a sculpted body and a penchant for danger. Ever in search of situations that will take him out of his comfort zone, Zane makes his screen debut in this scorching solo, as he slowly shows off all his assets before getting down to business. Once he’s stripped of all his clothing, Zane’s rock hard odyssey brings you along for the ride, as Zane pleasures himself but wishes you were there instead. He spreads himself out on the ottoman and the bed, teasing his load and wagging his cock until he can hold out no longer, finally gushing his load all over his stomach in a messy conclusion to Zane’s first foray into the adult world. Here’s hoping it isn’t his last.Enjoy!

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Gavin Carter is 24 years old, has always loved porn so he thought he would make a profession out of it. Sexual turn-ons for this stud are a person that takes care of themselves, getting his balls sucked and getting his ass eaten. The strangest place he’s had sex was in a massage facility where he and his partner got in a quickie after their couples massage. Gavin is 5’ 9”, 220 pounds and he works out 5 times per week. His own favorite body part is his chest; but, he’s definitely not into his feet. We’ll let you be the judge. Gavin claims to jerk off 5 times a day. Ahhhh, youth! I remember those days. After his interview, Gavin slips out of his robe and begins playing with his cock, which is quickly growing larger in his pants. His abs, chest and arms are perfectly sculpted with a couple of pretty cool tattoos. Gavin’s cock is so incredibly hard when he finally frees it from his pants. He starts jacking his cock and his balls suck up tight against his body. Gavin turns around for the camera showing off that sweet hole of his. He works his dick until his balls literally disappear and his breathing is really loud. As the rest of his body tightens and his jerking gets harder Gavin starts squirting the whitest, creamiest jizz you’ve ever seen all over his hot, tight body.

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Integral shoot of Zack Lemec’s classic scene ‘Zack Fucks’. Producer & Owner of Maskurbate, Pascal, put together all the footage shot that day so Zack’s fan can see everything that happened. From the behind-the-scene to some cool unseen point of views, it’s a must see for the fans of Maskurbate’s most popular model, Zack Lemec.

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Kyle loves feeling his big cock in his hand. His thick shaft glides in his grip as his muscles tense and twist in wave after wave of pleasure. Kyle shows off his well built body, smooth skin, and powerful sex drive, occasionally looking into the camera to tease you into wanting him even more. He knows he’s hot. He knows he’’s wanted. And nothing turns him on more than being watched and worshipped as he busts his heavy nuts all over.

Kyle Steele makes his debut this week on American Muscle Hunks, showing off his hot body and massive cock! Watch as he makes loves to himself, finishing with a hot cum shot in the mirror!

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Logan is as fit as he is tall! He’s got a beautiful, toned package of abs, long, strong legs, and a broad chest that makes him a model of fitness and masculinity! His soft eyes make you instantly melt, and his gentle smile will get your heart racing. Just when you think he can’t get any hotter, he pulls out his big, thick cock! Not only is it large and powerful, but his heavy nuts hang down as a reminder of his unquestionable manhood! Watch as he shows off his perfect body, stroking out a thick load over his chiseled stomach.