Myfriendsfeet – gay feet licking

Myfriendsfeet presents: gay foot fetish HQ photos & HD videos for your enjoyment! Go ahead and join!

Madison said he had had his toes sucked before I got a hold of them in this scene, but it was brief. Some fun play at a pool one afternoon. He had never experienced what I bestowed upon his size 12 here. His socks sure were ripe too. SO stinky. I loved sticking my face right into them and reveling in their strong aroma. I gave Madison’s feet a bit of a massage while sniffing his socks, taking my time before stripping the socks off. Madison could barely handle my warm mouth on his bare heels and tasty toes. His head ended up rolling back and he even played with his nipples a bit. He loved it. And so did I!

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