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Sergey is so adorable and when he didn’t pay close enough attention while staying at my place he soon found himself tied up and bound to one of my tickle chairs. Oops. While a bit scared of his predicament, Sergey is a good sport and endured much in the way of tickle torture here. His size 13 feet looked fantastic all tied up and ready to be tickled. I wrapped plastic around his legs, so he could barely move. So, with his hands tied above his head and his huge feet at my disposal, it goes without saying that I wasted no time tormenting Sergey’s feet, ribs and armpits with my fingers and tickle tools. And long after he went crazy and laughed his ass off. What as laugh he has, too!

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Cole is sporting extra scruff today – both on his face and on his hairy chest. I’m also very lucky that he loves to be naked. With Cameron helping me out we tormented Cole big time. Cole has one of the hairiest, sexiest bodies I’ve had on the site and to make him even hotter the man sports no less than size 12 feet. They look even bigger though, especially when they’re in stocks. Cole is extremely ticklish, from his furry armpits all the way down to his big, masculine feet. He looks SO good being tickle tormented while naked! He has such a sexy laugh too and he was laughing the entire time we got busy all over his sensitive body.

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Chase Lachance is something to see while in bondage as he’s tickle tortured at MyFriendsFeet. I couldn’t believe such a gorgeous man wanted to be tied up and tickled to the point of a loss of control, but I wasn’t about to let an opportunity like that go. Chase has a very kinky side that he’s quite about. Until he meets a fellow tickle fetish freak like me of course. He He. Chase is super ticklish I work on him, his sinewy, muscular body striated as he struggles in this bonds!