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Proud businessman Jozef is accustomed to striding down the street in his suit and having all the world fall at his feet. How the mighty have fallen! Now this straight bastard is stripped stark bollock naked with his arms and legs akimbo with his pathetic fucking dick flapping between his legs. He’s been reduced to nothing but a figure of ridiculous and scorn. And Jozef is angry as fuck about it! He rages and struggles while Dave circles around him laughing and degrading him. Jozef is humbled with a flogger cutting into his buttock, turning them bright red and making his scream in pain. Dave wants Jozef to beg to be bummed, but the arrogant bastard still fights him off from touching his dick with every last ounce of strength in his body. Jozef can’t do anything to prevent Dave from plunging his fingers into his arse and spreading his hole wide open ready to receive a dozen clients’ cocks. He pounds his hole with a dildo and then slaps him in the face with it so he can inhale the odour of his own arsehole. Jozef is now our whore to be bought and sold! His first client Adrian comes in to plunge his dick up Jozef’s arse while Dave sucks and manipulates his dick till he’s raging hard. Dave robs him off his cum and dumps his seed all over the floor proving that Jozef is now a bona fide queer!

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