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Devin Franco is changing in the locker room when Kurtis Wolfe walks in and demands that he and Devin have a ‘special’ kind of workout to help team morale. Kurtis offers up his ripe, hairy pit and Devin gets to work cleaning off the sweat with his tongue. This makes Kurtis hard as a rock in his tight singlet and he pulls out his cock for Devin to suck. ‘Get it nice and wet,’ Kurtis says as Devin gets on his knees to gag on the big veiny cock. Before Kurtis goes any further, he wants a taste of what’s dangling between Devin’s legs and gets down to suck the stud’s hard cock and get a taste of his ass. Kurtis has a feast as he opens Devin’s welcoming hole to get him ready for his big hairy cock. Kurtis can sense that Devin is ready to be penetrated and stands up to slide his raw cock deep inside his ass. He pounds the lucky stud long and hard until he commands him to sit on his fat cock. Devin climbs on top and rides the throbbing rod up and down until Kurtis decides to fuck Devin on his back. Devin lies back and begs for Kurtis to go faster and harder into his hungry hole. Kurtis does exactly that and fucks the cum out of Devin’s thick cock. Kurtis doesn’t stop the relentless pounding and keeps going until he’s ready to blow. He pulls out of Devin’s used up hole and slathers it with jizz before he shoves it back inside to fuck his load into his teammate’s ass.

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