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The adventure continues in Agent X! Alban Collins (Guillermo Cruz), young cock-sucker and property of villain Gustav, decides to help agent Craig 00SEX (Doryann Marguet) fulfil his mission. He meets up with the fully loaded agent hoping to get a taste of his juicy weapon, and his hole makes the perfect target for a shooting session!

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A perilous mission for agent Craig 00SEX (Doryann Marguet): Investigate a warehouse and get hold of Agent X, a terrifying power gas that turns any hetero into a horny homosexual sex machine! A blow of spray in the face of the virgin (Will Wood) and in a few seconds he’s willing to pump the fat cock of Craig 00SEX, before offering him his tight ass like a good submissive bitch. After a hard shag our secret agent empties his bursting balls on the delirious face of the virgin who takes his first gay facial like a pro.

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Lucas Costas, a stocky-set Spanish dude with a fat XL fucktool, loves petit guys like cropped-haired Rafa Marco. He’s especially into lads who are tied up before him, waiting for him to trample over them, using them as his human carpet. Rafa really gets put through his paces in this hot session. He has to take a beating, lick his top’s feet and in the end give up his sweet hole for as much fucking as his master needs.

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Tonight, Timmy is horny as fuck and wants to go to a gangbang party. On the way he finds a dark alleyway to suck the cum out of a stranger’s fat cock. Straight afterwards the dirty action continues with Timmy’s mates. Host Nathan is already waiting for his bottom’s fuckhole. When Timmy finally arrives they get straight into it. After a couple of minutes he’s tied up and Nathan is bareback fucking him from behind. Hot candle wax also gets Timmy warmed up for hardcore use. The lads fuck themselves into ecstasy at the hard electrobeat, until Nathan finished up by dumping his load and massaging it into Timmy’s open hole. Sex, drugs & rock’n’roll…

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A young hacker (Nick Spears) thinks he has found an essential piece of information for his next computer robbery, but the deep web has a big surprise in store for our nerd. While trying to access a secret code, Nick releases the spirit of a young prisoner from the depths of this digital world. The ghost tries to transform himself from his current ectoplasmic state to a solid state to be better able to control him. He longs to take care of his little tight hole, which he moistens longingly with his tongue, before hacking the asshole first gently, and then like a demon with his big cock. A sexual adventure on the frontiers of reality.

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Slim, blond Ashton Bradley looks like a good little twink – on first impression. In fact there’s a dominant fucker lurking within him, one who loves to mercilessly ram his XL fucktool into submissive sluts. Today it’s Nathan Gear offering up his hole for a stretching – Ashton’s hand almost disappears into his ass. Kneeling in front of his top he gets spat on, has to suck cock and get fucked hard and bare until Ashton shoots his sperm onto his hole and fucks the jizz back inside. Only after that is Nathan allowed to shoot…

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Nick Spears is desperate. He’s been haunted by the Ghostly Fucker and is trying to regain his spirit. Warlock Iago Torres is there to help him out, but his unconventional methods which means Nick’s holes are only going to suffer some more abuse…


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The first scene from the movie “The Wolf” by French director Ridley Dovarez. After being caught wanking in front of the window watching his Latino neighbour, a submissive French bottom is fucked in the roughest way. The Latino guy delivers 23 minutes of hard sex, and almost 23 cm of Latino dick. A huge, creamy ejaculation with masses of sperm.