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Dark haired Jackson is totally enamoured with Luke Hudson. When they first met he could hardly keep his eyes off him. The two lie naked in the bed kissing and feeling each other’s bare bodies.

Luke stands and leans back on the bed head and Jackson uses his tongue to pleasure him. His bearded face tickles as he licks and sucks Luke. Luke lies back on the bed – Jackson’s big dick in his mouth. Jackson uses his fingers to keep playing with Luke.

Luke then climbs on top of Jackson – bouncing up and down on his cock. They switch up positions – this is some regular kamasutra manual of positions in fact. Fucking Luke is beyond Jackson’s wildest fantasies and just how good it feels is shown by the huge load that ends up all over Luke’s chest!

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Jonathan, Zack and Brogan are in a hotel room in Denver messing around, getting hard and horny. Zack notices someone at the door – it’s Luke! “So you wanna come in and watch” Zack asks. Luke doesn’t need a second invitation he’s in that door and settles himself on a chair watching the three boys sucking each other’s cocks.

Luke grabs a dildo and starts playing with it as he watches the three start to bare fuck on the bed. It’s a glorious sight as we have a threesome of man flesh on the bed and Luke fucking himself with a dildo as he watches. After the three cum all over each other they start to leave … but Zack wants more! You’ll have to wait to see Part 2 to find out what happens next.

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Ari and Spencer are curled up in their Atlanta bed as they strip down and feel each other’s bodies. Pressing flesh to flesh, their lips lock as they make out passionately and tenderly. This leads Spender’s soft lips to lead their way down to Ari’s hot, wet pussy. Kneeling down with his tongue on fire, Spencer looks up into Ari’s eyes as he sees him moaning in ecstasy. Ari’s mouth waters for the big cock between his friend’s legs. Ari swallows down Spencer’s cock, getting it hard and ready to pound into his tight hole!

This week on JockPussy, smooth blond stud Spencer pounds hard into Ari’s hole, making his ass shake from the force of his full-weighted thrusts!

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Working in an office in Scranton PA is all kinds of boring. Zack Grayson and Jake Archer spend their time checking out guys online but Luke Hudson is an action man and taunts the pair to get their dicks out of their pants.

He’s on his knees with Zack’s huge dick in his mouth while Zack and Jake kiss. He then takes Jake’s cock in his mouth – “I don’t think we’re going to get much work done today”. They clear the desk and start fucking on it – making use of all the office furniture as their own personal fuck playground. Luke is in the middle getting fucked by Jake while sucking on Zack. Zack cums in Luke’s mouth and then Jake cums deep inside him. Looks like Luke got the company bonus this quarter!

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Jake and Luke are wrapped in lights as they kiss passionately on the bed. A heady mix of passion and lust the two are bonded together. Luke brings his lips down to Jake’s big cock – swallowing every inch. Jake’s bare cock is wet with Luke’s saliva and ready for Luke Hudson to climb on board.

Luke rides that big bare cock on top of Jake and in a variety of sizzling positions. It feels so insanely good that Jake can not contain his seed and blows his load deep inside Luke – the huge load drips out – the two a satiated and it’s a Happy Valentine’s for all.

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Ari gets down on his knees and takes Sean’s cock in his mouth, feeling its size and girth push apart his lips as it fills his face. Ari strokes him up and down, getting him wet and wild as Sean leans back and watches with delight.

Sean gets Ari on the bed and spreads his legs wide apart to bury his tongue between his pussy. Sean devours his crotch, feeling Ari’s clit grow harder and more sensitive with each lick.

Ari moans in pleasure, desperate for Sean to go deeper and faster. Sean sees the hunger in Ari’s eyes and turns him over on all fours, positioning himself behind him and aggressively shoving his cock deep in Ari’s cunt.

The trans boy rocks back and forth on Sean’s member, feeling it slide completely inside his pussy and filling up his pelvis. Ari’s smaller, slight frame is shaken all over as Sean’s alpha stud fucking accelerates!

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Our newest star Logan Philips is not only inspiring people with his life story in the military but is also breaking hearts with his hot on screen performances. In Atlanta he meets Trevor who can’t wait to get his tongue wrapped around Logan.

Trevor’s chocolate skin compliments Logan’s perfect pale skin as the two fuck. The steam rises and the moaning increases til both are spent in pure pleasure.