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Confident, well spoken, cute and full of spunk Jack Green is the kind of sweet boy you can take home to meet the parents but also the kinda young man you want to throw around the bedroom! Theres a definite bad boy streak in this charming university language student, proving you can have smart and sexy in the same package. Absolutely rocking a white, red and blue wrestling singlet, accentuating his muscular body and showing off his big cock and balls, tracking the incremental growth of his boner like a sundial! Growing taller the straps come down and the tip of his dick teases the edge of the fabric. he plays with his nipple piercing, breathes deeply and flops out his thick cock. Reaching into a locker he grabs two toys to plug and play with his arse. starting with the smaller one he puts one leg up on the bench to put on a good show for the cameras, pulling the bumpy little toy all the way out and stuffing it back in again. Moving over to the bigger toy, we can immediately tell he prefers this one, thicker, fatter and sticks perfectly to the bench, he rides it like he wants to steal it! It’s OK Jack, you can have that one, hehe!

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