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Johnny B has fucked up, and now he knows it. Confronted by brothers Justin Matthews and James Sinner, Johnny has no excuse for why he’s been bullying their other younger brother, but now that the two older brothers are here, Johnny’s gonna have to pay. Justin and James have something in mind to teach Johnny a lesson, and it starts in the bedroom. They strip him of his clothes, then shove their cocks into his mouth, barely giving him time to breathe between the two. James’ massive cock chokes Johnny as Justin watches on with approval. Once they’ve had their fill of Johnny’s mouth, it’s time to punish his ass, so Justin bends him over and fucks him into submission as James pig roasts his mouth. Johnny’s caught between a rock and a hard-on, with no relief in sight, at least not until James and Justin have had their way with him. Luckily for Johnny, that’s just what he’s hoping for… Enjoy!

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They all kick back on the bed on stroke one another till Spencer gets the sudden urge to start blowing Ryan Jordan’s big hard cock. Logan Lane watches on and soon enough Ryan has his mouth wrapped around Logan’s throbbing dick. The look on Logan’s face is priceless as these two vets please each other and take turns sucking cock. Once Spencer sees him bent over sucking on Logan’s big hard dick he spreads his ass and pushes his raw cock deep into his tight soldier hole and begins thrusting deep making Ryan gag on Logan’s throbbg cock. Spencer Laval does all the fucking in this one as Ryan is such a champ taking that cock for so long deep in his ass. Ryan’s tight little ass can only be fucked for so long and soon enough Spencer pulls his cock out to bust his load all over the place but first Logan unleashes his load all over Ryan and then Spencer blasts all over Ryan’s cum soaked chest. Ryan is covered in warm cum and finally he cums all over himself.

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Alex Mecum welcomes new Exclusive Wess Russel for his first CockyBoys scene AND his porn debut! Alex & Wess bond over their similar backgrounds & share their personal coming out experiences. They follow this with affectionate embraces & kissing and heartfelt compliments of one another that lasts throughout their special scene. Alex is already hard but wants to spend more time kissing & touching each other’s hard bodies and expressing mutual adoration. Even when Wess begins to suck him Alex simply wants the pleasure of feeling Wess on top of him.

Alex finally gives him the go-ahead to suck him and Wess takes the time to ask him how he likes it…and he delivers as Alex clearly shows. As they kiss Alex reaches around to caress Wess’ muscle butt and gently tease his hole. Wess eagerly takes off his shorts and soon he’s feeding his cock to Alex’s waiting mouth and face fucking him. In no time Wes moves down and slides down on Alex’s steel hard cock to ride him and as they move together, nothing is left unsaid in how much they’re enjoying this.

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