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In the painter’s workshop the boss Marco Bill decides it’s time for a break, and for the blokes that work for him that means shucking their workgear to get on their knees for a double blowjob before he takes turns bare fucking his young employees to his satisfaction.

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While Kimi and Drake are getting into their spontaneous fun next door, four industrious students are cramming new vocabulary. Much more fun than learning new words is practicing their snogging technique. When angelic Casper starts pressing his tongue into his study-buddy Luke, caution is thrown to the wind and the lads quickly change tack from shared study to sharing body fluids…

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For Troy Accola & Sean Ford the carefree and often nostalgic joys of summer at Camp CockyBoys include afternoon naps..and waking up from them in a very special way. Sean finds Troy snoozing on the sun porch and simply can’t resist planting sweet but deliberate kisses on him to wake him up…in more ways than one. Troy is more than happy with this greeting especially as Sean unzips his shorts and indulges in full oral pleasure with Troy’s cock and balls. While Troy luxuriates in this, he’s also naturally compelled to reciprocate by kissing, undressing and lovingly sucking Sean.

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After a quick introduction, Joel is quick to make this boy feel at home by soon dropping his trousers and having Steve kneel to adore his bulge, it goes without saying that both the boys get a fair share of cock, as soon it’s Joel that’s on his knees, sucking every inch of Steve’s cock. Shortly after Joel goes down to get a better look at Steve’s pucker whilst he masturbates himself, before going all in. Needless to say that these boys like it deep, Joel makes slow but intense thrusts that make Steve moan in pleasure with Joel’s cock, throughout various positions before getting covered in cum!

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