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Welcoming him to California, Evan chats up blue eyed jailbait Joey who thought California would be a lot hotter. Well, things definitely heat up when Evan invites him back to his room! Clothes fly off and perfectly smooth peaches and cream complexions start steaming up your screen. Although these guys are twinks their dicks are definitely giants! Evan’s got the length and Joy’s definitely got the girth. But lets be honest, both these dick are perfect in every way and the slurp fest that follows is the stuff of your dreams.

Evan takes control and turns the bottom around so the two can 69 and he can get his mouth to the boys beautiful asshole. At this point Evan’s dick is a rock hard rocket ship and he whips joey around so he can aim it towards his hole and destroy. Joey is truly a top’s dream and his happy place must be with a hard cock in his ass. He wriggles his head around in ecstasy playing with his rock hard cock and big balls, eyes rolled back in his head.

This looks yummy to Even and his jumps back on the kids cock and Joey returns the favor, thirsty for more. The kid cant be without a cock in his ass for long so he climbs on top for a hot riding session and theres nothing hotter than Joey’s cock bouncing up and down on this ride! The perfect pair end in a pile of creamy goodness!

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Adam and Nick find each other in the washroom as they attempt to clean up after their day out, needless to say that playful Adam has something else in mind as he splashes Nick with water which leads both boys to get close and kiss, of course it’s not long now for Nick to go down and entertain Adam in the best possible manner, by sucking his soft dick making it harder with every blow. Nick gets his fair share too, as Adam too gives Nick’s meaty shaft a good suck. in preparation of what’s to come. By now both boys are deeply in the mood, and Nick has Adam on the wash basin where he rims his hole before putting in his thick dick. It goes without saying that Adam likes them big, and he loves his hole gaping, so this was a perfect match for him as throughout the scene they fuck in some of the most opening positions they can think of leading to an impressive cumshot from both boys.

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Rodrigo and Moskito clash with each other at a basketball match. But a sporty way is quickly found to settle the dispute: Rodrigo gives Mosikto a quick horny fuck on the basketball court and clearly has the better arguments…

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College cutie Wes Campbell is so dedicated he’s studying on a Saturday at his deserted campus. Naughty boy Noah White is pecocking and doing EVERYTHING from parkour to flipping over railings to get the hottie’s attention. It finally works and the tasty twosome wind up in the student services center servicing each other severely! These cock hungry college guys together are an Abercrombie all American teen wet dream come true! Diving into each other’s pants to pull out cock as only young college guys hungry for cream can, they drink dick with drooling mouths. Wes whips Noah around with a youthful swiftness and plants his piece firmly inside. Campbell’s can is absolutely divine; perky, smooth peaches and cream cheesecake. Beautiful. We get an amazing view of his ass as it delivers dick to White’s wonderland. The fun doesn’t stop there. Wes gets Noah on his back, legs in the air as bottom boy calls out “fuck me” in muffled tones thanks to Campbell’s hand around his throat. Theres a bit MORE tonsil hockey before Noah squats his perfect ass down on that dick once again. Campbell crams cock upwards, getting deep inside and bringing Noah exactly where he needs to be to spread some collegiate cum all over his new study buddy. In perfect time, Wes wets White’s behind with a big blast he’s obviously been storing up while he’s been studying for way too long! We give this an A+!

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Young studs Michael and Brycen are back for a scene together. This is Michael’s first ever action scene – he likes a little tender abuse and Byrcen was up to the task. After some hot oral Michael gets spanked, fucked and practically fisted as he cums, before Brycen shoots a load in his mouth. Enjoy!

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Joey has a big dick and Brandon loves to suck cock. He licks and sucks that hard pole – swallowing it to the base and gagging on it’s length.

Joey grabs Brandon’s hair and pushes his face deep into this crotch watching as Brandon pleasures his pole. That face is so gorgeous he just wants to spray it with cum – which he does!

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When slender, pierced Skye Romeo watches the other dudes wrestling, it isn’t long before the bulge in his tight lycra training shorts starts to stretch the fabric. The strapping twink with the handsome blowjob lips is permanently horny, so he prefers to drag chav lad Owen into the backroom to get in some extra training – from his meaty dong to his tight hole. Owen slams hard into his young buddy’s bubblebutt!

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Just taking a piss can be difficult if you’ve constantly got a rock-hard boner, as these two twinks soon find out. Luckily they quickly find the perfect solution, dropping their denim jeans to work over each other’s hard fuckpoles with a deep blowjob and then some dirty bareback buttfucking until the hot cum flies!

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Starting off in no mans land, Rodion takes a break looking into the distance in hope to find the rest of his team, unfortunately this doesn’t happen, so Denis and Duke head back to base as they can’t find Rodion. Upon arrival Denis and Duke start to get naked, whilst kissing and adoring each others bodies, and just as Dennis is about to whip out Dukes dick, Rodion appears, and is very quickly sitting on the bed and being stripped by these two boys! Very quickly Rodion is sat naked with Denis’ face right on his groin, ready to suck every inch of his cock which just gets harder in his mouth, and Rodion returns the favour to Denis as he stands for Rodion to suck as Duke is sucking him! Soon Rodion is riding Denis as Duke is sucking his cock, and Duke gets his fair share of Rodions cock as these boys change positions.

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Farmer Bob and his farmhand Robert have a special arrangement. When the young boss has heavy balls, his wiry worker has to have his thick, long cock ready and available for use. When they’re getting up to their sexual games the roles get reversed and Robert is allowed to fuck the boss’ ass. He rams hard and fast and pumps the farmer’s hole full of sperm.

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Shane and Jeremiah were hanging out and ready to fuck, sucking each other and building up those loads. Shane loves to get fucked, and after Jeremiah slams his ass and pumps his cum into the condom, he pulls it off and dribbles the juice out for Shane to take! That boy has his own load to erupt too though, and Jeremiah is ready to take it!

Jeremiah Johnson is one of those sexy young boys you would just want to corrupt, but good luck trying that, because this boy is more experienced with hard cock and making it cum than you might expect! He’s so cute and sweet, but when he’s in the bedroom he’s all about sucking boys off and fucking their butts!

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These two have got something going, as Jake’s bulge moves whilst talking to Lucas! Lucas is far from dim, and as soon as they start kissing his hand is on Jake’s bulge, rubbing and soon stroking his perfect penis. With a few sucks these boys are soon in a 69 position and very much so, showing the excitement! Jake however want’s to take things even further and rims Lucas’ hole to prepare him for the excitement fueled fuck that’s to come!

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These muscular young guys have both done action work with us before. In fact they’re veritable porn stars now and got right down to business. They have never been paired up before as both prefer to top but Radek switches roles for Jaroslav and shows that he’s truly versatile. This is a great fuck scene – enjoy.

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Our scene begins in the park where Max Carter & Logan Cross show off their tumbling skills with a little precoital competition. After observing Logan’s leaps, macho Max proudly proclaims, “I can totally top that!” He was right. Once indoors, the two dreamy gymnasts trade some hot noggin before the temptation of Cross’s dynamite cakes wins over and the majestic Mr. Carter is ready to deliver the deep damage. Position after position, with only a break for Max to lap at Logan’s sweet spot, these delectable dudes switched up the shagging situation until finally hammering home to creampie country.

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Since the first day we met, Casey has been begging to fuck someone… HARD! Now that’s not an easy wish to grant, trust me! I mean, I’ve worked with some serious power bottoms in my time, and most SAY they can handle Casey… but when push comes to shove…. it usually turns into “OWWW, Take it OUT!” But then there is Shane! I hadn’t heard from Shane in over 2 years. He kind of dropped off the porn map with a boyfriend and disappeared. Well on my last shoot, guess who calls completely out of the blue! He had just broken up with his Boyfriend and wanted to know if I had any work for him. Fourteen and a half hours later… LITERALLY… he was walking off a plane in California on his way to get fucked by Casey. Shane takes him like a champ, and even makes a rare appearance as a top. After getting his own ass drilled, Shane fucks Casey’s ass till Casey shoots a HUGE load all over the glass wall of the shower and I’m just on the other side to capture it all! Casey’s ass goes wild on Shane’s cock causing him to pump his own load into the condom deep inside Casey’s tight butt! When Shane pulls out, he pours his own jizz over Casey’s back and laps it up, then kneels down to lick the glass clean of Casey’s thick spunk. Not wanting to miss out out on any of the gooey goodness, Casey joins him and they lick it up together, kissing each other as they go!

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