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I was discreetly filming this guy on a lovely spring day when he didn’t realise that I was sitting close to him with my camera rolling. He has a wonderful muscular body and meaty big cock and balls.

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I don’t know where to look with this great looking guy strips off his clothes right in front of my hidden camera lens. There are some great looking lads here with incredible bodies and very suckable dicks. I wouldn’t know where to start sucking.

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I was feeling really horny when this guy came in. I’ve not seen him in here before (which is odd ‘cos I’ve been spending lots and lots of time here) so I was very happy as soon as the door opened and his stunning body walked in. He looks like he’s one of the students from the college right nextdoor. It’s always full of handsome lads although I hardly ever see them in such perfect detail as this.

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Sneakypeek – man spycam videos
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My tiny camera mounted to look into this shower has been filming lots of different guys showering but this is my favourite piece of footage so far. The hairy guy is in the shower and this time I managed to capture him soaping his cock and arsehole. He is 100% fuckable and I particularly enjoy it when I can zoom in to have a close look at his pert rear. Phew!

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My new camera came up trumps again when it filmed this hot, hot young lad stripping off his kit. Check out his lithe and totally fuckable body and nice big cock which plumps up visibly. I’ve seen this guy in the changing room a few times and I always give him a cheeky grin which he usually responds to by giving me a wink. I’ve got a good idea that he knows what I’m thinking, which is usually that I’d like to bend him over and fuck him up the arse! It’s a wonder he doesn’t punch me in the teeth.


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My tiny hidden camera works a treat to capture this amazing new video of a guy fresh who shows off a semi-erect dick when changing into his underwear. This handsome lad unknowlingly reveals his arse and dick. He doesn’t realise as he appears that I’m filming him and capturing this incredible video of his totally fuckable arse and suckable, rapidly hardening dick!