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Clint wakes up tied to a tickle chair in an asylum. He is told that he had a psychotic episode and he had to be detained. That’s just a ruse I made up to get this huge muscleman strapped down and tickled. The interesting thing is that as soon I took my fingers, some feathers and other tickle tools to his feet, he had more episodes. Hilarious episodes, as a matter of fact, as his size 13’s were tormented beyond belief. Clint is very ticklish and being so big and strong, it’s a good thing he was in a straight jacket for most of this scene. He’s not really crazy, just crazy ticklish!
Clint is a Southern guy with a hot body and very ticklish size 13 feet. He might actually be the most ticklish guy on the site. He works hard on his body and it shows.

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