Unforgettable gay bdsm scenes at Brutaltops. Welcome.

Master Toby isn’t as innocent as he looks. He may have the boyish face of a cherub, but this bad boy has always had a pervy dominant personality. Because of his entanglement with criminal activities he’s lived at the young male correctional facility for years and this time has given him ample opportunity to satiate his wicked desires and hone his abilities as a skilled fearful top. He grins menacingly when he muscles a pathetic sub to the ground, stomps on his nuts, pisses on him, shoves his bare ass in the sub’s face and rams his hard dick into the sub’s gob to blow his load. He’s an active participant in gangs that rove the halls of the facility looking for a victim who they can encircle and brutalize the fuck out of. Experience what it’s like to submit completely to this masterful dom at BrutalTops!

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