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Bam has definitely never done anything like this before, that's for sure. This straight guy is a friend of one of our other straight performers, and when he found out he could make some money jacking off he was interested. He's not sure about the whole cum thing, but something tells me he might be more into it once he's tried a few things!

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As with every year around this time, we encourage our boys to feel the Christmas spirit. In previous years, they have donated toys to kids, or volunteered at pet shelters. This year their ambitions were high. Sven, Mario, Paul, Derek and Elio decided to bake traditional cookies and then offer them to someone in need. Unfortunately this year ended up a little unexpectedly and the “Christmas baking” took a different path than planned. Hopefully, you still enjoy this “Xmas” inspired video. We take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and we thank you all for being part of our BelAmi family!

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Turk has always wanted to tasted “straight-muscle-boy” Marcus’ cock. Finally, during a quiet moment, the two find themselves alone in the bedroom, but not wanting to leave a trace of evidence, they use the dresser instead of the bed to do there deed. Turk wastes no time in getting to business, suck every inch of Marcus’ boy-meat. Marcus gives Turk a good face fuck and unloads his jizz on his face! Returning the favor, Marcus drops to his knees while Turk squirts his load all over contented Marcus! Lots of cum and 2 very happy guys!

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Today’s scene features 2 of our most popular ‘small’ guys, Kevin Warhol and Nino Valens. Kev starts out by using an online translator to try and seduce Nino before Nino loses patience and makes it clear that he knows what Kevin wants anyhow. The scene is beautifully filmed for us by Luke, and the action is as hot as you would expect from two very experienced lovers. It’s a real treat for all the twink lovers out there and probably one of Nino’s best scenes on the site.

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For this fun and nasty flip fuck video we matched up our super kinkster bud Ren with hard core Josh and let the spit, cum, and kink fly. I asked the boys to hang out in the yard to chat to get to know each other. Then, not ten minutes later, I spotted them sucking each other’s cocks and spitting into each other’s holes. I dragged them into the house and gave them a twenty four inch double-headed dildo and let them go at it. What I didn’t expect was for them to BOTH ride that dildo all the way to a huge simultaneous orgasm that will blow your mind!

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Cuddled up at a cozy cabin in the woods, perfect couple Ashton Summers and Ben Masters are determined to make the most of this romantic get away. Without a worry in the world, the couple enjoy the fresh mountain air outside in the sunlight. The fresh air fires up their horny hormones, getting them aroused and anxious to enjoy natures other naughtier, girthy gifts. The mountain air has replenished Ben’s sucking power and he gets down to blowing Ashton’s ample appendage. Summers injects some spiciness with some salty schlong slapping to his boy’s beautiful face. Raw and raging hard from that excellent knob job, Summers gets Benny boy on the wooden table and aims his own hard wood at the boy’s bubble. Ashton annihilates Ben’s booty at every angle. He blasts the smooth sexpot’s butt legs in the air, then bent over the table, and finally with one leg in the up, balls swingin’ till Masters musters up a massively milky load that he lets loose everywhere. Summers just keeps on slamming cock and Ben is more than happy to take it. He rewards the boy’s raunchy resilience by raining down delicious liquid dick, frosting Ben’s booty with his top of the line lusty load.

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Axel is home alone watching dirty videos again, when his fuck buddy comes to knock at his back door to join him. Axel is all too excited to have him over to taste and feel some real cock.

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It is a week of contrasts here with our models of the week. Both boys are Hungarian, but physically, they could not get much more different. Lars in blond with an angelic countenance whereas Miguel has smoldering dark good looks. Both do share fantastic bodies and handsome dicks. This photoset was taken during a trip to South Africa for us by resident photographer Eliot Klein.

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Taking a break from a hard day working outside, Cody and Jeremiah get naked, jump in the tub and piss all over each other in the bath crossing streams and soaking each other! They’re so messy and it’s so hot to watch these two naked boys splashing out all that piss over each other. You know they needed to bust a nutt after this too, right?