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Wiley, Cain, Blinx, Danny Boy and Slip play cards and gamble for each others clothes. One by one each of the guys get naked. Once all the guys are naked they begin to competitively masturbate. Five, hot, young skaters and thugs give new meaning to a group circle jerk as they sit in a circle and masturbate. In a chain reaction all boys fire off their cum loads!

Blinx is a horny bisexual boy who started out with us just stroking his hard cock and enjoying some solo cum play, but when he had the chance to get some creamy jizz from some of the other boys he was on it! This sexy and sweet boy loves a little cum play now that he’s tried it – scratch that, he LOVES cum play!

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He might be straight, but Slip is one of those mean boys with a little attitude who wouldn’t be scared to get you on your knees and have you sucking him off. He’s one of those boys who knows that guys want that cock to swallow, and he gets off on making dudes horny for his dick and cum load. He’d give it to you!

Although he describes himself as straight, Wiley is one of those straight boys who might be a little more experimental and into trying new things than the average straight twink out there. For instance, he loves showing off his big cock and jerking it for the boys out there, and shooting his hot cum all over his face and right into his open mouth too!

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