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Riley is a cute, sporty jock with an amazing body and an incredible boyish smile. Still, he’s a little nervous about his first time meeting Ari. He’s met trans people before and has had crushes in the past, but this is first time actually being able to go all the way! Ari thinks Riley is absolutely adorable and loves learning more about him. Their friendly banter continues until their desire to kiss becomes too strong to ignore. Once they take their clothes off, Riley makes himself right at home between Ari’s legs! Riley explores Ari with his tongue and lips, working Ari’s cock and piercings, getting him heated and ready for more! He pulls out a big dildo to open up Ari’s hole, watching how he takes it like a champ. While Riley watches Ari moaning and writhing in pleasure, sliding up and down on the toy cock, he can’t stop thinking about hot excited he is to feel him on his own.

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