MyDirtiestFantasy – gay slaves

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As the title suggests, this is the perverted summer house where the boys get together to enjoy their respective roles. Silas goes to visit the boys outside who are chilling, and decides he too needs to chill by making the boys suck his dick whilst standing and watching, kissing and having his nipples sucked on by the respective slave boys. This is until he has enough and moves the boys over, where he ties their hands to the patio ceiling, grabs a whip, and starts whipping the boys torsos and backs. It goes without saying that Silas is trying to be nice to the boys, but pain pig Peter complains that he can hardly feel the whip, so Silas just has to whip him harder! Of course that with a rock hard cock and helpless boys, all Silas can do is fuck them both and make them beg for cum!

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