GrowlBoys Transformations

Miscellaneous gay sex fetish transformations watch at GrowlBoys
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This week on Growlboys, the “Big Cat” story concludes as the cheetah Promethean Sam continues being held captive by the sadistic club owner, Steve. Luckily, a handsome hero is making his way to find him and release him.

“Sweet Release” follows satyr Damien on the hunt for Sam, trying his best to track him and bring him to a place of safety. Once the older man finds the secret sex club, he sees the way in which his Promethean children have been used and abused.

He cannot let this stand and immediately seeks a private meeting with the muscle bound monster, Steve. Steve believes he’s just dealing with another desperate customer, only to find he’s face to pace with a power stronger and more potent than he could ever imagine. Tags: growl boys, growlboys, growlboyz, growlboy, growl boy, gay furry, furry transformation, gay furry transformation, gay tf, gay dog furry, canine furry, gay canine furry, dog furry, weredog, furry, werecat, gay cat furry, feline furry, gay feline furry Featured: Drake Magnum, Pierce Paris, Damien Oaks

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