GrowlBoys Movie

Gay furry video trailer presented by GrowlBoys premium website.
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Eddie’s story continues as he’s confronted by his new lover’s roommate and landlord. “Stray” takes the young growlboy off of the streets, but fear and danger seems to follow him wherever he goes.

In Chapter 2: Fucking Landlords, Eddie wakes up to a whole new world. Alex’s warm bed seems like the most magical place on earth and he can’t believe that such a sweet, sexy man would take him in. Alex, however, neglected to tell his roommate anything.

When he leaves for work, the roommate is confused and scared of the unknown man in Alex’s room, especially when he discovers his beastly nature! After he calls on his landlord, Eddie’s fate is now left in the hands of a complete stranger, with no idea of how he got there and who put him in such risk! Little does he know, the handsome older man is more familiar with his situation that could have ever guessed.

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