GrowlBoys – gay werewolf

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In the continuing “Lost Boys” epic, a new arc begins as militant, anti-Promethean, Cody, finds himself in a situation he never imagined. Staring at the unfamiliar face in the mirror, Cody is torn between the stimulate effects of his physical changes and his long-standing hatred of “growlboys.” Recounting the events that led him to his predicament, he recalls life-changing moments of carnality.

Cody stares in the mirror as he sees the new, furred forms of his face. Continuing to change from man to beast, he feels a surge of sexual power run through his veins, charging his flesh with energy that he cannot resist. His mind plays tricks on him as he feels his muscles expand and his genitals swell, compelling him to stroke out a load before collapsing into his bed.

After relieving himself of his primal urges, he recalls his history with Promethean-kind, taking him through his exciting and terrifying first sexual encounter through to his most recent impromptu alley-way hookup. Having taken the seed of a mysterious satyr, Cody is left unaware of the cellular changes taking place deep within, waiting to emerge and shake Cody to his core.

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