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Sean woke up angry, and hard. When he’s like that we know he’s gonna need a lot of arse for his chav cock and several loads shot that day. It’s a good thing we had handsome new boy Michael ready for him to use! The boy has been stripped naked and strapped to the punching back with ropes and chains, swinging in the middle of the room. His cheeks are soon taking plenty of the punishment as chav boy Sean uses the flogger and makes his butt glow red. It’s only the start though, soon that long cock is making full use of that tight pucker as Sean lays back and thrusts his meat up into the guy!

He might not be used to getting it rough from other boys, but there is no denying that Sean gets so turned on being the submissive bitch boy for all the other horny guys. No matter what’s going on or how much discomfort he’s in, that big uncut dick is quickly throbbing hard and obviously needing to cum so bad!

Michael is a handsome young man, a bisexual boy who loves 80’s music and going clubbing at the weekends. He’s an adventurous young man looking for new experiences all the time, and he admits that he’s very sexually active. He’s wanted to experience lots more anal play and kinky fun, but he probably wasn’t prepared for what we’re giving him.

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